Interactive Music Learning

etudo – the digital learning platform for music schools.

App for music schools

etudo is an interactive learning platform for music students. Teachers are able to find, use and share teaching materials within the app. Students are supported while practicing their instrument at home. This way etudo helps music schools to digitize their music lessons and business model.

etudo App

  • Teacher & student accounts
  • Find and collect teaching material
  • unlimited access to the etudo library

No school computers needed

  • no installation necessary
  • usable with smartphone, tablet and computer
  • no data input necessary

etudo library

  • Sheet music and playalongs – multi-tracks with tempo variation
  • Famous classical and pop pieces
  • Common instruments & levels

Ideal for Ensembles/Orchestras

  • easy orchestra & ensemble management
  • online access to the repertoire
  • preparing for rehearsals and concerts from home

Teacher & student accounts

Teachers keep track of their students and their repertoire.

Phone, Tablet & Computer

The app works on all devices without installation – iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux.

Teaching materials

Teachers and students are able to use the library in lessons and at home. etudo already includes a variety of famous pieces for common musical instruments and difficulty levels.

Browse Library etudo


Teachers can upload their own recordings and sheet music to use them in lessons. That way all the teaching materials are gathered in one place and can be shared with students with only one click.

Provide an amazing teaching environment

– also in digital times.



Teachers and students have unlimited access to the etudo library with a variety of interactive audio recordings for teaching and practicing at home.

Playalong screen etudo


Mute or isolate each instrument from the sound to create your own personalized playalong. Rehearse on a new level by listening to your instrument with or without the other instruments.


Use each playalong with or without the metronome – just as you prefer.

Metronome Tempo variation etudo

Change tempo

Slow down each piece in the library to 50% of the original speed – without pitch changes or lowering the quality.


Teachers and students can create simple recordings based on the playalongs and share them within etudo.

Recording etudo

Track sucesses

All recordings are saved automatically by date. No step in the teaching and learning process is lost. Students keep track of their progress & success easily – and stay motivated to keep practicing.

Playalongs in the library

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